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Morocco desert



​Exhibitions and Commercials 

Video advertisement for Public and Private companies; Art exhibitions, Photo exhibitions, Multimedia exhibitions. Main realizations include: DR5, Shinelco, Acea Electrabel, Enel TV, La Repubblica & l’Espresso, Nissan Micra, Renault Scénic Magnifica, Cacharel;

Personal photo exhibition of Mimmo Iodice and Francesco Carbone


Stage and costume designer for the main Italian companies and artists. Main realizations include: Nobel Prize winning Dario Fo, Luca de Filippo, Nino D’Angelo, Geppy Gleijeses, Walter Manfré, Joseph Lazzini, Franco Ricordi


With internationally awarded Production Designers: Dante Ferretti, Gianni Quaranta, Raimonda Gaetani, Ben van Os, Olle Remaeus, Bruno Garofalo, Pierluigi Basile


Italian (mother tongue) English (fluent), Portuguese


Great skill in coordinating and organizing the work of groups or single professionals; easygoing in leisure time activities of the troupe.

Main interests include: animation, 3D, book, music, fishing, art and travel​​

Education and training

First class degree at Art Academy in Naples - 1986;

Awarded a Personal Exhibition at Art Academy in Naples, Galleria Ellisse


Stage and costume designer, Production designer, Set designer,

Event organization; team leader of a selected team of professionals including

carpenters, designers, decorators, upholsterers

Movies & TV 

from short cuts to full length movie, national and international sets.

Main collaborations include Julie Tamor, Franco Zeffirelli, Enzo Monteleone, Nanni Loy, Luca Guadagnino, Tinto Brass, Paolo Franchi, Raffaele Mertes, Alexis Sweet, Robert Dornhelm, Fabiomassimo Lozzi, Emiliano Corapi, Egidio Eronico, Clare People, John Kent Harrison, Pasquale Squitieri, Giulio Base, Adrea di Bari, Jean Pierre Duriez, Aldo Zappalà





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